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Video Lesson: Guzzi on Strategy

Talamore’s Lou Guzzi is featured this month at Golf.com/Sports Illustrated’s website with a tip on Using Strategy Effectively. Good watching here…

Podcast: You CAN Conquer Your Nerves

Enjoy the game.
Positive self-talk.

Golfers are familiar with all those concepts, but when push comes to shove out on the golf course… they all tend to wither in the heat of the moment, when your swing gets shorter and your tempo disappears.

It doesn’t have to be that way, according to behavioral therapist Dr. Steven Rosenberg of Elkins Park. He has helped tens of thousands of smokers kick the habit, numerous pro athletes with their visualization skills, and says there’s a simple breathing exercise that can really help golfers deal with the jitters in those key moments.

That and more are in this podcast… a four-minute investment of your time that could pay off for years to come out on the course. Our conversation began with a simple question: What can golfers do improve their mental game… and play better?

Contact info:
Steven Rosenberg, Ph.D.
8080 Old York Road
Suite 206
Elkins Park, PA 19027

Podcast: Optimize Your Routine & Swing Thoughts

Why is it that learning how to keep it simple can be one of the most complicated issues in golf?

It is very difficult to know how to put swing mechanics aside and clear your mind so your body is free to put an athletic and powerful move on the golf ball. And the less you play, the tougher that can be.

Forsgate Director of Golf Carolyn McKenzie Andrews has been there. McKenzie Andrews had a big-time amateur career, played for Oklahoma State and spent some time on a mini-tour before settling in as a club professional. With a lot less time to devote to practice and play, she feels things like swing thoughts and pre-shot routines become even more critical.

Enjoy this podcast. The few minutes you invest listening could pay big dividends on the range… and more importantly, out on the golf course:

Podcast: Play Golf, Not Golf Swing

Commonwealth National Head Professional Travis Deibert is quite a player — he has won four of the 12 Philadelphia PGA events in which he’s played this year, and leads the section’s Haverford Trust Company Player of The Year Points List.

As a teacher, Deibert likes to get students off the range and out on the course.

In this podcast, he talks about learning to get the ball in the hole instead of seeking the perfect swing… and he has a short-game shot for us to learn:

Podcast: A Well-Balanced Golf Life

We’re not talking about keeping golf in perspective.  Why would we want to do that???!!!!

This is about better ballstriking.   And the key to that is often balance, says Reading Country Club Director of Golf Tom Morgan.

He has a nice swing thought for you and a drill you can work on at the range.  That and more in this  podcast:

Podcast: Forster on Pressure & the Sr PGA

One of the highlights this season for Radnor Valley CC Head Professional George Forster was playing in the Senior PGA Championship at the Golf Club at Harbor Shores.

In fact, he played well enough that after round one, Forster was in a tie for 17th amid all the legendary names.   Round two was a heartbreaker, when he missed the cut by one shot.

I had a chance to catch up with George and reflect on that experience.  What did he learn… and how can that help your golf game when the pressure ramps up?   Good stuff in this podcast…

Often times, big problems in our golf swing can be traced to the little things.

The basics, like posture, balance and tempo are the foundation for the swing and when one gets a little off, it can do quite a bit of damage to our games. That’s what Edgmont CC head professional Craig Susalka encountered recently with his own game. It turned out to be a posture-related issue — he wasn’t maintaining his spine angle throughout the swing.

His thoughts in this podcast might help you as well…

Podcast: It’s All About Tempo

I know many of us have played more golf than usual in winter and early spring. I know I have some rounds under my belt. So why is my swing still too quick?

Deerfield PGA Professional Kurt Zolbe says a little stretching and warmup wouldn’t hurt, but the big key is being patient at the top of your swing. And he shares one way to work on that in this podcast:

There are two opposite camps when it comes to dealing with slices.  One side would say if that’s what your body wants to do… ok… just aim left and let er rip.

Broad Run Golf Club Head Professional Dale Lafferty is in the other camp.  He says when right-handed slicers start aiming left, it just exacerbates the swing faults and causes them to slice even more.  In this podcast… Dale wants you to close up that stance and says the straighter shots will follow…

While I have been focusing on some of the things we can learn from Bubba Watson’s approach to the game, every time I drag my stiff body out to the golf course I am reminded I am no Bubba Watson.  I’m even a sorry excuse for the old Ed Abrams (as in the good old days of being young and limber) anymore.

Scotland Run PGA Head Professional Nick Borro sees a lot of that, especially this time of year.   The good news is you can work on it…and in this podcast he passes along a good drill to make sure you are making a turn: