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Podcast: You CAN Conquer Your Nerves

Enjoy the game.
Positive self-talk.

Golfers are familiar with all those concepts, but when push comes to shove out on the golf course… they all tend to wither in the heat of the moment, when your swing gets shorter and your tempo disappears.

It doesn’t have to be that way, according to behavioral therapist Dr. Steven Rosenberg of Elkins Park. He has helped tens of thousands of smokers kick the habit, numerous pro athletes with their visualization skills, and says there’s a simple breathing exercise that can really help golfers deal with the jitters in those key moments.

That and more are in this podcast… a four-minute investment of your time that could pay off for years to come out on the course. Our conversation began with a simple question: What can golfers do improve their mental game… and play better?

Contact info:
Steven Rosenberg, Ph.D.
8080 Old York Road
Suite 206
Elkins Park, PA 19027