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Podcast: Restoring Cobbs

They are just two guys with a passion for golf architecture, golf history, and a dream that Cobbs Creek Golf Club could be something very special.

Joe Bausch, a Villanova Chemistry Professor, and Mike Cirba, Chief Information Officer for a health care network in Allentown, would like to see Cobbs restored to its original design, which included land now occupied by the City Avenue Driving Range.

Two big-name architects have already donated their time, walking the property and developing a routing plan based on the original documents, and Cirba says they were very excited about the possiblities.

The restoration would involve turning Karakung into a redesigned 9-holer, moving the range onto some of the old Karakung holes, and turning Cobbs Creek Golf Club into a showcase that would attract golfers from all across the region — the grand course envisioned by architects Hugh Wilson (Merion) and George Crump (Pine Valley).

Crump? Yep. Many golfers in the region already knew that Wilson was the main force behind the Cobbs layout, a heritage the muni shared with the famous course farther up the creek. But the research by Cirba and Bausch uncovered the fact that Crump and others were also part of the committee. That’s just one of a number of interesting facts in a mountain of historical information on Cobbs that the pair has put online for your enjoyment.

More on that, and the potential restoration project, in this podcast:


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