Podcast: How Do Your Clubs Measure Up?

Everyone agrees that golf is hard enough… we should at least have equipment that fits our swings.

But getting those clubs can be a long and frustrating process. Why is it that your buddy’s driver, which is supposed to be the same as yours, produces a much different ball flight than your gamer? And why do you hit his 7-iron 10 yards longer than you hit yours?

Two of golf’s mysteries? No mystery at all says Mike Morrison, co-owner of Izett Golf in Ardmore, PA. It is simply because those flex ratings silkscreened on the shaft, the loft numbers stamped on the driver head, and the numbers on the bottom of those irons are virtually meaningless.

It doesn’t take a PhD to sort through the contradictory and confusing world of golf club specifications, but it certainly helps to have decades of experience in dealing with equipment like they do at Izett’s. And a few minutes invested in listening to this podcast could do you (and your game) a world of good…