Golden Oaks Golf Club

The golf course at Golden Oaks has a strong pull on you, whether you’re gazing at the first hole from the parking lot, overlooking the 18th green from the clubhouse deck, or at home wondering where you’re going to play that day.
This is just one of the most pleasant ways you could ever find to invest four hours of your time. If it isn’t on your list already… make this one of the courses to see in 2012.

The conditioning is pristine… the layout excellent…and the rates are very reasonable.   In fact, the Golfshots cameras were here several years ago… and the rates mentioned in this video have hardly budged (top rate is the same and others have increased $2 or less).  Great value…

More Course Info:

Type:  Daily Fee

Pro Shop:610-944-6000
General: 610-944-6000 

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Address:  10 Stonehedge Drive, Fleetwood, PA 19522